What is Tantric Touching?

What is Tantric Touching?


Tantric lovemaking is not about learning new sex positions (although you will learn that too!). It’s about connecting with your lover in heart, mind, body and spirit. And to achieve this, one of the tenets of Tantric sex is tantric touching.


Tantric touching is to touch or physically connect with your lover in a deeper more spiritual way. With today’s hectic lifestyles, it’s amazing how many couples don’t even take the time to connect with each other via a simple loving touch.


Well, you won’t be one of those couples! Deepen sexual intimacy with her with these Tantric touch tips.



Tantric Touching 101


One: Make time for Tantric touching.


You can schedule a meeting. She can schedule a beauty parlor appointment. Surely, you can schedule something for the two of you! Get your calendars out and block an hour this Friday or the weekend. These dates are best as there’s something about the weekend that makes your minds and bodies relax.


Two: Prepare yourselves properly.


Simply plopping down on pillows cross-legged, facing each other and touching won’t do! It’s like forcing or expecting the effects of Tantric touching to just magically occur. No, you guys need to prime yourselves a bit. Here are some ‘primer’ tips.


Sit down and have a nice cup of herbal tea together first. Take a walk hand-in-hand. Take a shower or bath together.


The point is to condition your minds to relax in each other’s presence.


Three: Prepare the Tanric touch area.


A relaxing touching session will not occur if you’re in a place of chaos. As such, take some time to prepare the area where you guys will have your touching session. You can dio this together or you can do it alone while she’s showering or taking a bath. To prepare the area, here are some tips: place a nice soft rug on the floor and put a lot of pillows over it so your bodies are nicely cushioned. Then play some soft music and light some scented candles or burn some scented oils. Don’t make the smell overpowering. In most cases, a ‘whiff’ of something is better than a full-on scented assault. If you have them, scattered rose petals are great too!


Four: Free her inhibitions.


When she’s ready to join you, ask her to lie down on her back and close her eyes. It’s best if she’s wearing lingerie or a nightgown. If she’s uncomfortable or feeling vulnerable, ask her to close her eyes or if she wants to be blindfolded. A lot of people realize that they act freer and are more responsive when blindfolded.


Five: Drink in her whole presence.


Before touching her, take a step back and admire your woman. Start with the tips of her toes and work your eyes up her whole body till you reach the very of her head. Don’t look her up and down with the goal of critiquing or even trying to find her ‘best parts’. Simply preview her as you with a really exquisite painting by a master.


Six: Speak your desire.


Still not touching her, start to state how you love certain parts of her body. Don’t hold back and let out all your positive comments and even lustful ones. This will make her feel loved, cherished and yes, a bit horny too!


Seven: Start touching her.


Start physical contact with her body. It doesn’t really matter where you touch first but it’s best to start with ‘small touches’. For example, touch her toes first with just your fingertips instead of using your hands and grabbing her ass right away. However small the touch, make it firm. Your goal is not to tickle her after all! Give this part some time before you move on to firmer, bigger touches.


Eight: Pay attention to her reactions.


Take notice of how she’s reacting to your sexual touches. Is she relaxed? Too relaxed? Or is she too tensed?


If she’s too relaxed, then your touch needs to be a bit firmer (maybe even a bit more naughty!). If she’s all tensed up, then you may be pushing her to an early sexual release. Ease up a bit so she’s not pushed over the edge... yet.

Here are ways to help you detect how your touch is making her feel.


Is she making noises? What type of noises? How are her facial features? For instance, are her brows relaxed or tensed? How’s her skin? Are they a bit flushed or cool with goose bumps on them? (Maybe you need to light more candles, lather some warm oil or increase the room’s temperature.) Pay attention to how she’s reacting to your Tantric touch and react accordingly. Remember, the goal is to relax her mind, body and spirit and use this as a primer for making love so it would do well if the Tantric touching session is a success.







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