Taoist Sexual Practices

Taoist Sexual Practices        
Taoist Sex

In Taoist sexual practices we learn to have a different experience of our body, sex and orgasmic energy (Chi). We acknowledge that the body has different qualities of Chi and that these various energies may be used for endeavors such as improving health, fortifying the mind, and ultimately may be used for spiritual enlightenment. Orgasmic Chi is just one of many qualities of Chi. This Chi, when placed in various areas of the body, induce orgasmic reactions. Thus, a woman who has trained in Taoist Healing Love may not only reach orgasm multiple times, but in multiple ways.

When one views reproductive Chi as a valuable and strong Chi which should be respected and cultivated, they begin to view sex and sexuality much differently than those who do not connect with the spirit of this Chi.

In the book The Multi-Orgasmic Woman, Master Mantak Chia and Dr. Rachel Abrams address the issue of becoming Multi-Orgasmic as a woman. There are references to things like using the Inner Smile and MicroCosmic Orbit. You may refer to the book or go to the Prepare Your Body button on this site. You must know what your Chi, or PC muscle is as well. 

Here, we have an excerpt from this book, which we hope will entice you to not only read the book, but also contact your local certified Universal Healing Tao instructor for proper coaching on how to experience not only multiple orgasms, but also experience different kinds of orgasm. 

Beyond Orgasm

A number of sexual experts over the past several decades have taught women and men how to reach prolonged pleasure states that supersede the momentary bliss of singular orgasm. Various authors and researchers have described this state as continuous multiple or¬gasm, blended orgasm, or extended or expanded sexual orgasm.1 The heart of the Taoist sexual practice is to channel your sexual en¬ergy in order to reach an “expanded” state of full body pleasure and heightened spiritual consciousness. The possibilities to “expand” your experience of orgasm are as endless as your imagination. I’ll discuss a few of these practices here.

Extending Orgasm 

It is possible to extend your usual orgasmic time from around 8 sec¬onds to more than 60 seconds. This may not sound like a long time, but when you are in the intense throes of orgasm, a minute feels as if it goes on forever. In order to extend the time of your own orgasm, several techniques are helpful. Contracting your PC muscle during orgasm and moving the orgasmic energy into the Microcosmic Orbit will help to keep your arousal high. You can then extend the or¬gasmic time by continuing to contract your PC muscle, even when you would have normally ceased having an orgasm. You are con¬sciously continuing and encouraging the pulsations, and as you train your body, you will find that you can keep the pleasurable waves coming.


1. Set your intention not to hold back on your pleasure.

2. Awaken your sexual energy. Prepare yourself and your location with whatever erotic qualities support your desire, relax you, and turn you on—candles, oils, pillows, massage. Explore sexual fantasy or erotica if you enjoy it. Play sen¬sual music, dance, caress your body with oil, or partake of any other pleasures that kindle your sexual desire. Remember that the hotter your pot of desire is simmering, the easier it will be to boil over into multiple orgasms.

Using the Inner Smile, smile down to your heart and feel it soften and open. Smile down to your uterus and ovaries, to your clitoris, lips, and vagina, feeling them warm with chi. Massage your breasts and nipples and send their awak¬ened sexual energy down to your sexual organs through the Front Channel.

3. Caress your pleasure anatomy. Remember to stroke your entire body, neck and arms, breasts and legs. When you are aroused and ready, begin stimu¬lating your clitoris with your hands, vibrator, or your partner’s tongue. Use any strokes that worked for you in the Body Exploration from chapter 5. If your pleasure wanes, change the area that you are stimulating or the quality of your touch (smooth or vibrating, gentle or rough).

4. Use the teasing technique to prolong and intensify your pleasure. Build up your pleasure and then hold back your stroking for just a moment, then continue.

5. Contract your PC muscle to send your sexual energy into your spine as your arousal climbs. Pause, circulate the energy briefly, then continue.

6. Surrender to orgasm with clitoral stimulation. Pump your PC muscle to send the orgasmic energy into your spine as you orgasm and just after.

7. Circulate the energy through the Microcosmic Orbit and back down to your genitals, feeling them fill with warm, orgasmic energy.

8. Start slow, gentle stimulation of your clitoris again within 30 seconds after the first orgasm. Find a stroke you like and stick with it, using the teasing technique again.

9. Stimulate your clitoris and vagina together. Move to penetration and stimu¬late sensitive vaginal spots. Squeeze your PC muscle rhythmically to gather the energy in the vaginal area. Let your pleasure climb and surrender to the bliss of orgasm again.

10. After your orgasmic pleasure, hold both hands over your navel, smile down to your belly, and spiral and collect the energy in your abdomen.

The other essential ingredient is the use of your breath. As you begin to orgasm, slowly breathe out, and if you are at all able, make noise. The Taoists believe that the throat and the vagina are connected, which is perhaps why it is easier to extend your orgasm if you are expressing your pleasure through your voice. As long as you can extend your exhalation and continue to make sound and con¬tract your PC muscle, you can extend your orgasm.2 It is a great in¬centive to practicing meditative breath control! Ultimately, as your control of your sexual energy matures, you will be able to extend your orgasm through one long out-breath, a quick intake of breath, and then another one or two breaths. Your throat is open to sound and your genitals are open to pleasure, which allows the orgasmic wave to continue to flow through you. So soundproof your room if you need to, use the power of your sex muscle, and ride your pul¬sations into extended orgasm.

Expanding Orgasm 

Other sexual experts consider expanded or extended sexual orgasm to be a state of heightened sexual energy, connection, and even a spir¬itual state of expansion. In this state, one experiences extraordinary pleasure, total relaxation, and increased awareness. People some¬times reach a state of expanded orgasm and wonder, “How did I get here?” I’m going to discuss several methods to reach an expanded or¬gasmic state so that you can travel the path there whenever you like.

Taoist Expanded Orgasm
It is possible to reach a similar state of expanded orgasm using Taoist sexual techniques, whether you are alone or with a partner. Using the Orgasmic Upward Draw and spreading your orgasmic energy through the Microcosmic Orbit and your whole body leads to a sim¬ilar state of deep relaxation, surrender, and well-being. You can com¬bine the Taoist practice with any of the techniques that I’ve discussed to intensify and deepen your pleasure. The Jade Egg exer¬cises in chapter 8 are extremely helpful in awakening vaginal plea¬sure spots and paving the way for deep pelvic orgasm. They will help you develop conscious control over your sexual energy in your vagina and allow you to spread the sexual energy of deep pelvic or¬gasm throughout your body.

The Brauers recorded electrical brain patterns of people in a state of extended sexual orgasm, which show the same activity that’s pre¬sent in states of deep meditation. Use of the Microcosmic Orbit to circulate and amplify one’s sexual energy has had very similar re¬sults. In 1996 at the Institute for Applied Biocybernetics Feedback Research, the brain activity of Mantak Chia was evaluated during states of Taoist meditation, including the Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit, and the Orgasmic Upward Draw. The levels of brain poten¬tials, or electrical currents, that are correlated to clarity, health, and concentration rose higher in Mantak Chia during these meditations than in any other human measured at the Viennese center. And, un¬like other persons measured who used mantras or chanting, Mantak Chia’s high levels of these brain potentials continued to rise for 20 minutes after he finished his meditation, and remained high for the next 15 hours! All of the sensors indicated that although his energy continued to rise throughout his body, his muscles remained relaxed and his heartbeat calm. (This study was conducted on October 25, 1996, at the Institute fur Angewandte Biokypernetik und Feedbackforschung (Institute for Applied Biocybernetics Feedback Research) in Vienna, Austria. Ul-tralente (ULP) brain potentials in the left and right brains were measured using a PCE-Scanner and other vital bodily functions were monitored (data unpublished).

This suggests that simple Taoist meditative and sexual practices are capable of accessing a state of expanded consciousness and plea¬sure that truly allows us to access what is most precious in our human potential. It is important to note that Master Chia achieves this state of profound pleasure and relaxation by opening his heart and feeling profound love through the Inner Smile and then continuing to remain open, calm, and peaceful in his heart center while circulating his or¬gasmic energy. If you wish to feel the high energetic state of expanded orgasm, begin with the Inner Smile and remember throughout love-making to continue to move the sexual and orgasmic energy into your heart center, keeping it warm and open, and focusing your attention on love for yourself and/or for your partner. In Taoist wisdom, the heart is not just the love center, but the center of joy and spirit as well. 

• It is the combined power of desire and spirit, passion and com¬passion, that opens us to our greatest potential. Many people have described feeling closest to God, Goddess, their higher power, the universe, or the Tao (however you name the universal power that is greater than yourself), while making love with a beloved partner. When we open our hearts and surrender to our passions, we are ca¬pable not just of orgasm within our bodies, but of fusing with the pulsations of joy and life throughout the universe.




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