Tantric Sexercises for Women and How to Develop PC-Muscles





LEVEL ONE Find a time and a place where you are not disturbed. Repeat each of the concentration exercises described below, including observation, visualization, interruption and isolation.

Do all these exercises for seven minutes every day. You should be able to clarify yourselves about the functioning of the love muscles.

If you have difficulties buy a pair of vaginal weights that will help you locate the suitable muscles.

Here are four methods to help you identify the muscles for each exercise. Use them all. If you have problems focusing, use the method you consider the best for your concentration.


Place a mirror underneath you, and inspect your sexual organs. Separate the exterior labia: feel their texture. Find the clitoris. Pay attention to the "valleys" and the "hills" of the inner labia.

Locate the various openings: the urethra, the vagina, the anus.

Now insert a clean finger inside the vagina. You will feel the passing from a smooth exterior to a undulated interior. If you ever inserted a diaphragm or tampons inside your vagina you are already familiar with the tissue and its structure.

Continue to test the vaginal walls. Try to remember all that you have read about the feminine anatomy, and to be aware of the changes that appear during the sexual stimulation.

You will probably notice a beginning of lubrication, caused by the manual stimulation. Observe all you see and feel.

Keep in mind these things. As it is difficult to focus on the inner muscles in order to contract them, a mental map of the area is highly useful.

When you move on to the practical exercises, you will have a correct image of what you are going to do.

Now follows the test of the finger. Contract and squeeze your muscles as tight as you can. If you do not feel any pressure on the finger, yet you feel you are indeed contracting something, you may contract your abdominal muscles or others.

Therefore it is really important that you relax these muscles and isolate properly the pelvic muscles from other types and groups of muscles.

Now try again the squeeze. If you are not certain about what you do, do not be worried. The following exercises will boost your confidence.





Now that you have an idea about what you look like, you have to look deeper. This does not mean you have to purchase a microscope, just use your mind's eye to focus on the various sensations that your body experiences.

It is time to do the complete yoghic relaxation, focusing on the pelvic area. Lay back comfortably on the floor or on the bed, legs straight and arms along the body. Do all these in a warm room.

You may still need to pull a blanket over your body, as when you relax your body looses its warmth more easily. Also make sure you wear comfortable clothes.

Begin with a deep, slow breath. Then follow the relaxation steps described in the "Yoghic relaxation", until you reach the pelvic area, where you will linger a bit longer.

Focus on the labia. See if you can distinguish between the exterior labia and the inner labia. Then shift your focus on the vaginal opening.

Remember what this really looks like and program your image and sensations in your mind. Continue to wander with your mind around the pelvis, then move on to the buttocks.

Try to locate the anal opening, and move on to the vagina again, only to strengthen the feeling of differentiation. Then move on to the frontal side of the clitoris.

You might already have erotic sensations, like a tingling, accelerated pulse. Continue the relaxation in the other corporal areas, as it is indicated in the "Yoghic relaxation".


After this comfortable yoghic relaxation, repeat this tour, contracting and then relaxing each muscle. Did you manage to contract the pelvic muscles during the second part of this exercise?

Test yourself! Insert the finger as described in the observation phase. Try and squeeze. Can you do it? If you still cannot, do not get worried. The training does not stop here!


The most common way of getting started with the identification of your love muscles is to stop the flow of urine.

This action will help you focus on the muscles you contract. This action is simply the activation of the urethral sphincter, but it helps because the muscular ring is connected to the PC muscle.



Remember your mental image and recreate some scenes you experienced during your real life. Squeeze the anus as if you would like to keep it really tight.

Then squeeze the vagina as if you wanted to prevent a tampon from slipping out. Now squeeze the urethra as if you need to wait until you reach a toilet.

Squeeze and release each of these sphincters. Then squeeze and release them all at once. Make sure that the neighboring muscles, such as the abdominal muscles and the buttocks are relaxed.

If you find it difficult to find the muscles to contract, maybe you will do better if you use the vaginal weights. A study demonstrated that learning by yourself takes about three times more time than if you used the vaginal weights.

This is because the weights provide the necessary feedback when they start to drop. Then the muscles react almost reflexly in order to keep them inside.

Repeat these four focus exercises until you are able to detect and contract any muscle of the pelvis, at your own will.

As soon as you managed, there is a wide variety of rhythms, intervals, numbers, intensities and positions in which you can practice the contractions.

However, each thing has its time. First of all, you need to get an acute awareness of the love muscles.


Do daily the Kegel exercises as they are described in the following. According to the goal you have in mind, practice contractions of 10-30 seconds without relaxing deeply each time.

Practice also the controlled contractions correlated with relaxations; start with 100-150 per session, until you reach 300 per session, twice a week.

Keep in mind that in the beginning you may not be able to do as much as 100 contractions per session, and you must not become discouraged. Begin with 20 and set you goal to increase the number of contractions with each session of exercises.

Then continue to practice until you reach the number you need. Practice also a static "grasp", until you will be able to keep a 60 seconds contraction without the relaxation of the pelvic muscles.

These are the classical contractions, and the rest of your practice is based on them. If you practiced these contractions previously, then you should go through them once more, to refresh your memory.

You can practice these movements in any position, but most likely you will find that the most comfortable position is when lying back.

Contract the pelvic muscles and keep the contraction for 3 to 5 seconds, then relax completely. Breathe and place a hand on the abdomen during the following contraction, to make sure the abdomen stays relaxed.

You can even insert a finger or two into the vagina to detect the movement, or you can place your palm on top of the vagina for the same purpose. Try to obtain 10 seconds contractions. Repeat this exercise for 15 to 20 times.

The most of the Kegel exercises prescribed by the doctors and psychotherapists recommend fewer contractions and the survey of the movement's succession without variations and difficulties. This is only for the practical purposes they have in mind.

Since it is crucial that the women do these exercises, it is most likely that they will choose the short and easy ones. In such cases, something is better than nothing, but for the quick and significant strengthening of the pelvic muscles, a more "aggressive" series of exercises would be more appropriate and effective.

Consequently, the following variations of the standard Kegel exercises will ease your way to intense levels of pleasure during lovemaking.


During the first trimester it would help if you practiced the Kegel exercises lying back. After the fourth month, it is no longer recommendable to lay on your back, as this position can obstruct the fetus' blood circulation, so it is better to practice these contractions on a chair or standing.

If you ever had an episiotomy, the Kegel exercises right after delivery practiced for at least 6 months will help you stimulate the circulation and to help regain the health and muscular tonus.

Do not get worried if you do not see the improvements right away. After delivery, this area is practically inert. The perineal sensations will appear gradually, after several weeks. For the other recovery exercises, seek the advice of specialists.





Now you can move on to other exercises characteristic to the sexual activity and to train your muscles for this purpose. If, for a second, you can consider lovemaking as any other physical activity, such as swimming or tennis, you will notice that there are several stereotypical movements characteristic to each of these sports.

We will use these exercises for the improvement of the physical talents. The more talented you are, the more you will benefit from your sexual life.

Basically, you will try to reproduce all the positions in which your muscles might find themselves during lovemaking, the rhythms in which they contract and the forces they will exert, sometimes slow and easy, and other times rapidly and in force.



You need to pay attention to the breath, especially when you begin with the strengthening exercises, as these require more force. The breath is really important in this process.

Each time you contract a muscle and you hold your breath, your arterial tension will rise. This is caused by the effort that can create an increased corporal pressure, which, in its turn causes an increase in the arterial pressure.

Normally, the increase is small and it should not be a problem, but if you have hyper-tension seek first a doctor's advice on whether or not you can do these exercises or similar ones.

Avoid holding your breath, and try to breathe as normally as possible. Relax. Exhale only when there is an effort. If you discovered that the exercises are easier to be done when you hold your breath, then, as a solution we suggest that you count aloud when contracting the muscles.

Then change the rhythm of the breath and contract the muscles while inhaling and relax the muscles when exhaling.

Repeat the exercise even more rapidly, without having any coordination between the contraction and the breath. Breathe normally and continuously, instead of holding your breath.

Do each of the beginning contraction rhythms described in our previous articles in each of the poses you will present you. Some positions are easier to get into than others. It is normal and natural because each position of the legs influences the resistance and the range of movements of the exercise.


  • Contractions when sitting - sitting on a chair, knees bend and spread, contract and then relax the pelvic muscles, practicing each of the starting rhythms you will find below.
  • Contractions in the missionary position - stay on your back, with the knees close to your chest and spread. From this position, contract and relax the muscles.
  • Contractions in the feather position - lay back and bend one knee to your chest, while the other leg will be stretched. Contract and relax, then switch legs.
  • Lateral contractions - lay on one side and stretch the upper leg out front, to the level of the hips. The leg will be resting on a pillow and you will raise the leg slowly. The lower leg will be stretched, with the knee just a little bent. Contract and relax, then switch sides.
  • Riding contractions - from the position sitting with the legs forming a wide angle, bend your chest a little to the front, but keep your spine straight. This position will force the inner muscles of the hips, and this position will increase your flexibility. If these muscles become sore, bring the legs closer.


  • The basic rhythm - contract and relax with moderate speed for twenty times. Go further to faster rhythms.
  • Slow and easy - contract the muscle; keep the contraction for 3 seconds, then relax other 3 seconds, for 20 times. Increase gradually the time of keeping the contraction up to 20 seconds.
  • Slow pumping - contract and relax the muscles as if you simulate a heartbeat. Continue thus for 3 minutes.
  • Fast pumping - speed up the "slow pumping". Make sure that each muscle is completely relaxed before the next contraction. Continue for 3 minutes.
  • Irregular - contract rapidly each vaginal muscle, with irregular pauses between contractions. Continue the exercise for as long as you can. Take a break. Repeat five times.





The advanced positions include movements that have a greater mechanical and gravitational resistance. Do the contraction rhythms in each of these advanced positions.

  • The secret position - stand on both feet, the legs slightly spread and contract the muscles.
  • The ballerina position - stand with the heels close and the toes spread. Contract the pelvic muscles.
  • Pelvic impulses - lie down on your back, the knees bent and spread and the soles on the floor. Raise your hips and push your pelvis back and forth, as if you were making love. Vary the speed of the movements.
  • Contractions in the reverse missionary position - lie on your stomach, knees bent and slightly spread, and contract.
  • Changing the position - while you change positions, keep the contraction of the muscles. Keep the legs spread and contract the muscles while you lie on your back, on your stomach, on one side, then on all fours.
  • Pelvic push - supporting your weight on the hands and knees, on all fours, do the contractions.
  • Pelvic lunges - stand on your feet, and take a step with your right leg, as far as you can stretch it. Keep the left leg stretched back, as far as you can.

    The soles of the feet should have the same orientation. Bend the right knee, lower your hips as much as you feel comfortable without losing your balance. Contract the pelvic muscles, then switch the legs and repeat with the left leg bent in the front.

    • Pelvic impulses and slow pumping - lie on your back, bend the knees and spread them widely, with the soles on the floor. Lift your hips and move your pelvis back and forth.

      Contract and relax the muscles, as if you simulated a slow heartbeat. Contract the muscles in the same rhythm in which you move your hips. Continue the exercise for 5 minutes.
    • Pelvic impulses and fast pumping - lie down on your back, bend the knees and spread them widely, with the soles on the floor. Lift your hips and move your pelvis back and forth.

      Contract and relax the muscles, as if you simulated a slow heartbeat, and after few such contractions speed up the rhythm of the contractions. Make sure each muscle is relaxed before the following contraction. Continue the exercise for 5 minutes.
    • Pelvic pushes and irregular rhythm - stay on all fours, and contract the pelvic muscles. Contract the vaginal muscles at your own will, with variable pauses. Do this exercise for as long as you can at one time and then repeat it for ten times.
    • Pelvic lunges with the basic rhythm - stand and stretch the right leg forward as much as you can. Stretch the left leg back. The soles should be oriented in the same direction. Slowly bend the knee and lower your hips as much as you feel comfortable without losing your balance.

      Contract the pelvic muscles at a moderate speed twenty times, then increase the speed and decrease the intervals between contractions. Switch the legs and repeat with the left leg bent in the front.
    • Pelvic impulses and irregular rhythm - lie down on your back, knees bent and widely spread, soles on the floor. Lift your hips and move your pelvis as if you were making love, back and forth.

      Vary the speed. Contract randomly the vaginal muscles, with irregular pauses between contractions. Continue for as long as you can in one session. Repeat ten times.
    • The ballerina position, slow and easy - stand with your heels together and the toes separated. Contract up to ten seconds, then relax for five seconds; repeat fifty times.
    • Pelvic impulses and slow pumping, from the sitting position -sit on a chair, knees bent and spread, and move your hips back and forth. Contract and relax the muscles as if you simulated heartbeats. Continue for five minutes.

    • Contractions in the missionary position, with pelvic impulses and slight pumping - lie on your stomach, feet spread and move your hips back and forth. Use the movements from the slow pumping, but accelerate the rhythm of the contractions. Make sure each muscle is relaxed before contracting it again. Continue for three minutes.
    • Contractions in the feather position, with pelvic impulses and irregular rhythm - lie down on your back and hold one knee tight at your chest. Keep the other leg stretched.

      Move the pelvis back and forth, while you contract randomly all the pelvic muscles. Continue for as long as you can, then repeat the exercise for ten times, then switch legs.

o        Contractions from the lateral position, with pelvic impulses and fast pumping - lie down on your back on one side, and lift your leg up to the level of the hips. Support your leg on a pillow, and the bottom leg is slightly bent.

Move your hips back and forth as in the slow pumping and accelerate the rhythm. Make sure each muscle is properly relaxed before contracting it again. Continue for five minutes, and then switch legs.

Remember that each exercise has a specific objective. Only the copy of these movements during lovemaking you will train your neuromuscular paths to answer more effectively during the activity itself.

Be creative and include positions in your own style of lovemaking, to personalize these exercises.

Level 4 consists of powerful contractions, described in the following articles, with one of the devices presented below. Perform each exercise as it is indicated.

Make each contraction with maximum force. Once you can perform the basic exercises, repeat them but each time holding tightly 30-90 seconds before releasing the muscle.

Repeat them daily. When you can perform three different series of twelve repetitions of these powerful contractions, pass to the next level.

Now we search for power and endurance. The easiest method to have the muscles more resistent is to strain them at a big enough intensity so as to increase their power by the use of some special weights.

If you do not have vaginal weights, you can use a simple method to practice intensely. Anyway, the helping instruments are a good investment if you want to have strong vaginal muscles.

Even if the weights are very light, the resistence they oppose can put your muscles to work. Make sure that everything that you use is up to hygienic standards and that after use all objects will be completely washed and dried.

Here you have now the sexual acessories that can be used:

This is a measuring device like a big tampoon. It can measure the pressure and has a tube connected to an indicator screen.

When introduced in the vagina, it indicates the power with which the muscles contract. It is useful especially for the women that cannot feel the muscles they should work on.

The visual device can offer an immediate feedback. At an advanced level, the device is useful for measuring the progress made in increasing the power.

The disadvantage is that it can measure the intra-abdominal pressure beside the pressure generated by the contractions of the muscles of the pelvic area and so, it can indicate a good contraction even when it is not the case.

To make sure that you work correctly the muscles of this area, you must test it with the finger regularly. Introduce a finger in the vagina and make sure that you feel the muscles of the pelvic area constricting around it.

Studies proved that exercising with these products increases significantly the power of the pelvic muscles, more than their absence - in some cases, even three times more, in the same period of time.

That is not surprizing as any muscle of the body gets more powerful quicker if it is put to work.

These devices were invented by the biophysician Stan Plevnik in 1985, as an auxiliary method to awaken the pelvic area.

The weights are made of metal built in plastic and have the shape of some small tampoons. They can have 20 and 100 gr, according to the manufacturer.



Once introduced, the sensation of losing the object from the vagina is credited with the initiation of an instinctive reaction that makes the pelvic muscles constrict around the cone in order to keep it inside.

In other words, the presence of a foreign object stimulates the receptive nerves that receive a special sensation of the area. If generally it is difficult for you to locate the muscles, a direct stimuli can facilitate it.

Your concentration does not need to be that big like in the exercises for contracting the muscles made alone.

If the object starts to move, especially if it is about to slip out, there is a reflex reaction that makes the muscle hold back the cone.

Again, you will be able to identify the contracting reaction and even more capable to reproduce it at will.

If you try to hold the weigth by contracting the muscles, you will strethen the muscular fibres. A strength increase means an increase of the global muscular tonus and a more powerful constriction of the sphincter muscles.

By definition, the maximum passive weigth is the weigth of the haviest cone that can be hold in the vagina for a minute while walking but not voluntarily; the maximum active weight is the weigth of the haviest cone that can be hold voluntarily.



These are two balls attached to one another by a string. They are similar to the vaginal weigths although technically they are not so useful because their weigth cannot be adjusted.

Generally, they can be bought from any sexshop. You can introduce the balls just like the weigths and follow their instructions or you can create a manually induced endurance by trying to take them out while contracting the pelvic muscles in order to hold them in.


You can use an artificial penis, a vibrator, a cucumber or any other natural dildo that is introduced in the vagina like any other endurance devices.

Make sure that everything that you use is washed and completely dried before and after being used.

Introduce it, stand straight and try to keep the device inside. Then try to keep it while walking. Lie down on your back and rehearse the contractions around the device.


The most efficient way to work on a muscle is to contract it as much as possible and after this to relax it completely.

As in most of the exercises you mainly concentrate on the contraction of the muscles, try and concentrate among the contractions and on the relaxation.

Thus, there will be a notable defference between the intense pressure of the contraction and the lack of pressure, which will allow you to establish a rhythm. This kind of practice will make possible a better training of the muscular fibres.

It is important that you know the difference between the voluntary contraction and the one made while having something introduced in the vagina.

Altough the auxiliary devices are very useful, they are also very limitative as they do not permit the practice of all the movements necessary for an extended training.






Perform the exercises described in the previous articles using one or more of the following straining methods:

1. Training without additional strain
Focus on a more and more powerful constriction every time that you contract the muscles. You need to exhale when you make an effort. Constrict your muscles as much as possible. The movements have to be powerful, hard, controlled. Visualize all the muscular fibres contracting simultaneously.

2. Training with weights
Learn to use the weights, first by making the basic contractions and then by making more complex movements.

Start with a cone that you can hold confortably. Introduce the cone in the vagina while standing, leaving the string outside so that you can pull it out. If it is difficult for you to introduce it, you can use lubricant but, if possible, try not to, as this will make the cone slip out and hard to be hold inside.

Try to hold the cone seven miutes a day. Train yourself to hold the weight for 15 minutes, twice a day. You can just stand or you can do something else in the mean time so that you do not waste your time.

The cone will intend to slip out; avoid this by contracting the muscles. Once you can retain the cone more days, as much as intended, try the next weight.

Before using a havier weight perform the following exercises with the weight in.

3. Training with other devices (geisha balls, vibrator, etc.)
First get used to the device described in the previous articles. Then, use the device to perform the following exercises:

a. Force contractions in the missionary position
Introduce the auxiliary device or focus on the force contractions. Lie down on your back, holding the knees close to your chest and maximumly departed. Move your hips and perform up and down movements with your pelvis. Contract the muscles and relax them, as if imitating a weak impulse for 5 minutes.

b. Force contractions in the inversed missionary position
Introduce the auxiliary device and focus on the force contractions. Lie down on your abdomen with legs departed and move your hips making up an down movements with your pelvis.

Accelerate the "slowly pumping" movements of the contractions. Make sure that each contracted muscle relaxes completely before the next contraction. Keep on for 3 minutes.

c. Force contractions in the feather position
Introduce the auxiliary device and focus on the force contractions. Lie down on your back and bring one of your legs against the chest while the other remains stretched.

Move your pelvis forth and back while contracting gradually the vaginal muscles, with pauses after each contraction. Keep on for as long as you can. Repeat it ten times and then change the leg.

d. Force contractions in lateral position
Introduce the auxiliary device and focus on the force contractions. Lie down on one side and stretch out the leg above untill it reaches the front of the hips. Support your leg with a pillow in order to keep it lightly up. The leg below is stretched with the knee lightly bent.

Move your hips forth and back performing the "slowly pumping" contractions acceleratedly. Make sure that each muscle is completely relaxed before the new contraction. Keep on for 5 minutes then change the side.

e. Force pelvian pushes
Introduce the auxiliary device and focus on the force contractions. Stay in the doggy position, on your elbows and knees and constrict. Contract each vaginal muscle with pauses among the contractions. Keep on for as long as you can. Perform this exercise ten times.

f. Force tractions
Introduce the auxiliary device while being in each of the basic positions (the missionay, feather, lateral, doggy position). The most suited are the geisha balls as they have an attached string.

You or your lover should pull this string, while contracting the muscles, in order to interpose the extraction of the object.


The 5th level includes 2 stages:
1. the visualization exercises
2. the rhythmical contractions

The visualization exercises should be practiced until you become aware of different areas of your pelvic musculature.

When you can confidently use your vaginal muscles you can pass to the second stage of the fifth level: the rhythmical contractions.

Practice in each session four different exercises, twice a week. When you are able to precisely exercise all types of contractions, pass to the next level.



You are now prepared to exercise more refined contractions of your vaginal muscles. You still need to practice by yourself for a while, then you may start to exercise with your lover.

Once you have gained a serious muscular control, you can advance working at higher intensities, using different parts of the basic pelvic muscles. You might not want to do such exercises in the first two weeks but you have nothing to lose if you try them sooner.

[X] The only problems you may encounter are with your general strength and resistance, in case they are not yet prepared to sustain more difficult exercises.

Do you remember how you have focused to locate your muscles? You need a similar concentration in order to do more subtle movements with your muscles.

Maybe it is useful to imagine this process before, during and after you attempt to do such a subtle exercise. This would help the muscle to isolate and to act on the respective fibers.

While you are visualizing, your brain uses the necessary nervous means for the wished movement. The nervous connections are facilitated by this mental force.

If you can conceive something, practice it and keep on thinking of it, the performances are improved when you return to it.

The so called positive visualization used by the professional athletes in order to be successful is based on this theory. As an addition to the daily training, they imagine themselves how they perfectly run, jump or dart.

Imagine you have an elevator in your vagina. Your task is to move it up to the superior part of your vagina stopping over three times.

When it gets up keep it there for a while and then move it again to the basis. Stay for a while at each stop-over.

While doing all these you should feel as if at each contraction you use even more muscular fibers. The descending movement will be more difficult, so do it slowly and do the manoeuvre very precisely.




Imagine your lover's penis inside and contract your muscles around it. Concentrate intensely and imagine yourself pushing on its head, medium part and on its basis. Alternate the side that you press on.

Having the imaginary penis still inside, exhale and contract as hard as possible trying to push it out.

For this exercise you can use a natural dildo, an artificial phallus or a weight. Push it forcefully out.

- Imagine yourself pulling the penis deeper. Notice the difference between the pushing and pulling sensations.

- Imagine yourself contracting in the depth in order to surround the penis as tight as possible. Keep it like this and imagine that you can contract even harder and that you press it on its whole surface. Imagine that you can contract so hard that you milk it.

- Imagine your exterior lips gathering around the basis of the penis. It is the area with the best developed musculature, thus here you can do the best force exercises by contracting as hard as possible. Alternate the fast contractions with the slow ones.

[X] Repeat this exercises until you feel you can distinguish and consciously control different parts of your musculature.

These actions are very subtle and you should not give up even if in the beginning all these variations will form one gigantic contraction.

The more force and control you get, the easier it will be. Even if you feel a little unsure about the force and the precision you manipulate your muscles with, do not forget that their work is their practice, and you will each time notice an improvement.


Some tonic and powerful muscles can find countless ways to add variety and pleasure to a boring sexual life. Even the daily exercises become very interesting when you practice them with your lover.

But do not hurry to use the new techniques. Take it easy. Read all the variations but choose one or two that you find very exciting. Think of them. Visualize them. Exercise as much as possible before making love.

Then, in the most passionate moments, when you want to try something new, you will have all the exercises fresh in your mind.

You should come back to your list and refresh your memory only after you had exercised all the possibilities of the new technique and you had discovered a personalized variation. Add the erotic exercises to your more varied ecstasy repertory.

Encourage your lover to stay still while you contract your muscles at the finest movements. Do not hurry, visualize everything while you are exercising. Then, if you cannot stand it anymore, apply one of these techniques to your own lovemaking style.




Imagine the delicate lips of your vulva gathering and opening up, caressing your lover's penis up and down.

Vary the pressure that each petal applies. Make him stay still while you send him this delicate message.

Be attentive to his reaction and notice which contraction has given him the most intense sensation. Move slowly your hips up and down and apply different pressures on the penis with different parts of your musculature.


Give him a big hug with your pleasure nest. Having your lover's penis inside, as deep as possible, contract the vaginal muscles.

Imagine your vaginal muscles, your cervix and the vaginal opening coming together in a definitive closure. Keep it tight, tighter and even tighter. Go on contracting without relaxing the muscles (remember to breathe normally).


Change the position of your body, get your vagina used to contract while you go up and down your lover's penis. Each contraction should be very powerful; then relax it completely, take a break and contract again.


Imagine that you want to contract your vaginal muscles adversely to your lover's penis. Work from the basis to the head and then from the head to its basis.


Pull it inside with your muscles. Contract and relax fast, turbulently, then slowly in order to heat up the engines. Then push it powerfully out. Repeat the whole series of movements.



Massage inwardly so that the vagina "milks the penis". Contract and push, then contract forcefully but without pulling it inside. When you are strong enough you will be able to give your lover orgasms (without ejaculation) by the means of this method.


Pull it deeper and deeper with each contraction. Imagine yourself absorbing your lover's penis in your own body. Keep it there and then contract turbulently, randomly.

Now imagine how you push it out from the moving sand with powerful and repeated movements. Stop just before it is about to get out and pull it back again deeper and deeper, using contractions.


Establish a wave of individual contractions starting from the anus, through the superior vagina then through the inferior vagina and urethra. Return in the opposite direction.

This exercise needs precision and a good concentration so take your time. Remain in each position for a few seconds and only after then pass to the next one.


An exercise similar to the wave. But instead of repeating the movements in an opposite direction take a break and start again from the anus. Do the exercise fast and powerfully so that you have a distinct waving sensation.


If you make love with music, coordinate the rhythm of the basses with the rhythm of your own contractions. Move and contract your vaginal muscles according to the music rhythms.

Attention! Remember to inhale and exhale during all these exercises. It is obvious that these exercises are erotic, but as long as your lover does not actively push you will not experience the accumulation of erotic sensation that you need. Use this exercises to arouse him and yourself.



F E L L A T I O    -    T H E     P E N I S    W O R S H I P



FELLATIO is the most generally used term for exciting the penis with the mouth. Fellatio is regularly depicted in the erotic art of all cultures. The Indian love manuals give it particular attention, for example the Ratiratnapradipika:"Her mouth quickens now upon the shaft; when you stir, her lips and tongue tip, she swallows it as deeply as she can and kisses when you cry out: this is Sangara, Swallowed Up."

Fellatio is one of the most delicious ways for adoring the sexual organ of your lover. The unforgettable aroma of his sexual organ should be enjoyed by you.

Fellatio is the expression of a female desire to assimilate the male essence. That is why it produces a very special and profound orgasm for both man and woman.





The woman catches the penis with one hand and closes in very slowly with a rounded mouth (same as you would pronounce the letter "O") to the penis tip. Her lips very gently touch the penis tip and at the same time she rotates her head slightly.

The woman catches the penis shaft with the fingertips of her right-hand and she very gently bites the left side of male organ with her lips. Then she catches the penis shaft with the fingertips of her left-hand and very gently bites the right side of male organ with her lips. She has to take care to not hurt him with her teeth.

She gently catches with her lips the tip of penis and squeezes it with circular motions.

"INNER TONGS" She permits the penis to slide slowly in her mouth. When it is entirely in her mouth she squeezes it and keeps it firmly with her lips for a few moments and then releases it.

"KISS" The woman catches the penis with one hand and then she sucks it in the same way as she would do with lower lip of her lover.

"GLANS FLICK" The woman applies tongue flicks on the entire surface of the penis and then she applies repeated tongue flicks on the glans.

"MANGO KERNEL SUCTION" She introduces the penis very deeply in her mouth and then she sucks it strongly.

"SWALLOWS UP" She swallows it as deeply as she can, sucking it strongly and massaging with her lips and tongue.

ATTENTION: The woman has to take care to stop the oral sexual stimulation when she feels that her lover reaches the preorgastic level. In this way she extends the sexual orgasm of her lover and induces him sexual ecstasy.



H I S   S E C R E T   P L E A S U R E S    M A P


Have you ever heard about the "C" point or about "The Divine Line"?
That's OK. He hasn't either. Learn how to sail through his erogenous points and he will never leave the bedroom again.

It is called with a reason "the path to happiness". It's that line of rebel hairs that goes from the belly - button to a lot southern zones. Psychologists claim that there is a very special relation between this zone and the brain and that its stimulation has fantastic results. So the next time you are next to him try the firm strokes method. By pressing underneath his belly - button with the edge of your hand (like you were giving him a karate punch in his stomach), and then let your hand down easy to the base of his penis. Then go back up on the same path for a couple of times. "The method induces a firm pressure exactly on his most sensitive zone", said Lou Paget, the author of How To Be A Great Lover( Broadway Books, 1999).


You have probably never noticed it - and he hasn't noticed it either - but there's a little skin figure in the shape of a "V" right on top of his penis, that small prominent aperture, called frenulum, that can make his mind explode. Sex specialists sustain that for most men this is the most sensitive part of his penis. We might say that till one point it is the equivalent of clitoris. Plus it looks like it is made exactly for your thumb.
How do you handle this point hungry for touching? Massage the frenulum gently at first and then press harder and harder as the excitement increases. "Try and hold the penis the way you peel a banana", says Doug Abrams, the author of The Multi- Orgasmic Man (Harper San Francisco, 1997). Then massage the frenulum with both your thumbs. When he is get close to the ejaculatory orgasm, stop. Do the same thing a couple of times and you'll see that he will go crazy with pleasure.
Angela D. (26 years old) bites the bullet and not only that, "My fiancé loves putting some lubricant on the whole surface of his penis and after that an easy bite along his hot point. He really moans with pleasure." But be careful, if the bite is too strong his interest is as good as dead.


Any man trembles on the thought of a low blow. Because testicles are highly excited they become sensitive on pleasure as well as on pain. Handled carefully they can be an important source of ecstasy. At first hold them into your palms and caress them easily, with the tips of your fingers. Then move from one to the other like you are drawing an 8. As they relax try an oral approach. Follow this advice: he has to sit on top of you, on all fours. You are exactly under his strategic point, with your head resting against a pillow. So you have your hands free in order to caress his legs, his butt or anything else.
Sylvester B. (29 years old) tells us about his lover's strategy used in order for him to have a lot of orgasms," She mounts me, with her back to me, and draws on my testicles by using her fingers or her tongue. She simply drives me crazy."


Think about how much you like him when he is looking at your breasts or at other erogenous parts of your upper body. So it is a good idea that you show him you also like all his body, not only what is behind his pants.
There are a lot of nerves in his nipples and if you play with them you will give him a lot of pleasure. In order to excite his nipples, try the sweet method: imagine that his nipples are a fruit tart or an ice - cream. Rotate your tongue around them, in a circular motion and go gradually to the centre. After a few rotations suck the nipple, as it was a cherry on top of the ice - cream.


The "C" point (the circumcision point) is an area a few people know about, though it is a very important piece in the excitement gear. It is situated right under the head of the penis, where the skin has been broken. The healed tissue is a lot more sensitive than normal skin. And because it is right under the penis head it is even more sensitive. As a matter of fact the "C" point is the main adversary of frenulum in the-most-sensitive-zone-of-the-penis contest. Some men can be very sensitive about being explored into their most secret places and that's why you should be very careful.
Steven G. (26 years old) confesses, "When my girlfriend touched me there for the first time using a strand of her hair I felt like I was electrocuted. The surprise was soon replaced by pleasure. And every time she sweeps that zone with her hair I feel an even greater pleasure. By the third or the fourth time I'm already in ecstasy." Do you need anything more about this miraculous place?
Imagine it is a lollipop. The longer your mouth is on contact with this fire - point, the nuttier of passion he will be. Victor M., (27 years old) confesses, "I wouldn't have even dreamt about the bliss she could give me until she put her mouth there. For that I will be forever grateful to her."


Have you ever noticed that vein like a channel that traverses the part beneath his penis? Maybe you haven't. But if you meet it you will make a complete slave out of him. Why? Because by stimulating this line you send the message indirectly to his urethra - a highly sensitive tube capable of real peaks of pleasure. It is touched during your other type of stimulation, of course. But if you give special attention to it by using long, firm tongue strokes you can send him right to heaven. Robert C. (35 years old) thinks that this trick is a sure sign of orgasm without ejaculation, "When my lover strolls her tongue up and down I feel so incredibly great!"




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